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Notify, Inform, and Contact your entire list in seconds! Using SMS and MMS mass messaging, you can expand your business and keep your contacts up-to-date with everything that's happening.

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SMS Messaging

SMS messages are standard text messages that support up to 160 characters. Links to websites or images may be sent in SMS messages, but keep in mind they count toward the character limit.

1 Credit

per contact per broadcast

MMS Messaging

MMS messages are multi-media messages that support pictures and up to 1600 characters. MMS allows up to 5MB of combined data, but don't worry - we automatically compress all uploaded images.

2 Credits

per contact per broadcast

The convenience of


We use a credit-based system for all broadcasts, so you just have to purchase credits and you're ready to send your messages!

No more hassle with plans and different prices - just use your available credits for all your broadcasts!

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Reach every contact on your list, no matter where they are in the world!

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Local Number

Keep staff, clients, subscribers, or any other group informed, all with an area code they can recognize!


Toll-Free Number

Notify people anywhere, without any fees for your contacts. Plus, no specific location ties to your number!


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quickly & easily

In 3 simple steps you can notify every
contact across multiple groups.

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Credits owned: 15000
Credits required: 0

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